I teach one-on-one private voice over classes in commercial, animation and promos for adults and children. I have been fortunate enough to have worked in all areas of the voice over business and offer a real window into this very exciting and rewarding world.

My goal with each student is to discover an individual’s talent(s) and make the very most of them. I teach the fundamentals of character development, how to achieve your best interpretation of scripts and the various ways and tricks to make your auditions and demo reels pop and be remembered. My career has been built on my versatility and is a vital aspect that all producers are looking for so I strongly emphasize this in my coaching. I also impart lots of information about the V.O. Biz so students will know what to expect and how to succeed in this fun and creative industry.

I love teaching and look forward to every creative journey with my students, it is a real kick! I always say, “if we aren’t’ having fun and enjoying this… we’re doing something wrong.”

I also produce and direct demo reels for aspiring voice over actors and professionals who want to revamp and/or update their reels.

*Private Skype coaching available.